Real Tools

Real Tools

Efficient tracking of employees, training, assets and mechanical integrity simplifies project management.

Real Time

Real Time

Power to view up-to-date employee information, training compliance and completion in Real Time.

Real Easy

Real Easy

Freedom to use all features, or only those addressing your specific needs, in one user-friendly interface.



Does your organization spend weeks and countless man hours preparing for audits, and you still don’t have all the information you need?


Would you like to track training and receive renewal reminders when it’s outdated?


Do you need to know more about the contractors on your jobs?


Does equipment get lost without anyone knowing what job it’s on?


Is your organization searching for ways to identify and track the leading indicators that may have a significant impact on the lagging indicators?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, WorldLIVE is for you. By putting your world at your fingertips, these tasks can now be performed with a few clicks of the mouse.
No more time spending countless hours sorting through spreadsheets, preparing for audits or manually tracking key elements of your operations.
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