• Manage employees by position
  • Manage employees by existing and historical project assignments
  • Retain required certifications, government, medical, educational and internal documents
  • View compliance at a high level or by a specific certification, position or individual


  • Monitor employees’ training needs and required certifications
  • Export and view training matrix by company, position or identified tags
  • Schedule and close training
  • View comprehensive Real Time status summaries

WorldLive University

  • Access WorldLive University’s available courses
  • Deliver computer-based training (CBT) or blended learning
  • Define course passing rates to verify content knowledge
  • Track Real Time employee utilization and class completion


  • View active, assigned, available or retired assets
  • Assign assets to projects and job locations
  • Connect standard operating procedures and compliance references for each asset
  • Manage asset documents and bill of materials requirements
  • Set consumption alerts

Mechanical Integrity

  • Create maintenance and inspection schedules
  • Log maintenance procedures and monitor compliance
  • Export and view maintenance and inspection data


  • Assign employees to current projects
  • Assign assets to projects and job locations
  • View a complete project status, including asset totals, certification statuses and other essential project data
  • View a complete project history, including employee and asset history